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We offer flexible solutions for ever-changing industries.

We have over 30 years of experience working with the security, film, events, sporting
and oil & gas industries.

Our products and unique services have proven efficient and sometimes essential in various high-pressure environments:

  • Private two-way radio networks ensure highly reliable, readily available communications able to resist environmental disasters and power failure.

  • Our two-way radios offer instant group-calling capabilities, enabling simultaneous communication across large numbers of staff and crew.

  • are Direct Mode Operations (DMO)localised radios that allow direct radio-to-radio communication by bypassing the network. DMO is often used for remote installations where teams are working beyond the main coverage area.

  • Repeaters can be used to extend the coverage range of our products.

  • Our radios are designed with improved audio to function optimally within noisy environments, ideal for communicating messages clearly when it matters most. 




With our extensive experience within this industry, we have a firm understanding of its operational requirements. We have a variety of products available to help security companies deliver the most trustworthy and efficient service – from private two-way radio networks that resist power failures, to our unique instant group-calling functionality, to Direct Mode Operations that are network independent and ideal for remote locations. Our radios also come with a panic button, which can be programmed to send an alarm to supervisors and to colleagues’ radios, along with the person's ID. 

Film, Events, Entertainment & Sports

Lazer is the largest two-way radio service provider to the film industry in South Africa. In high-pressure, fast-paced industries like these, impeccable service is essential to the success of every project. With Lazer, crew members can instantly communicate with groups or individuals without worrying about connection or coverage problems. Experienced technicians are available to provide on-site support during any event, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Oil & Gas

We offer robust, resilient, and reliable communication systems to support oil and gas clients with efficient day-to-day operations. The nature of the industry necessitates a strong safety culture to protect both the workforce and the environment, and to coordinate swift and effective responses to major incidents. Functions like improved audio for noisy areas, military-grade radio devices, a panic button that alerts colleagues, Man Down and Lone Worker alarms and GPS make our products ideal for this industry. Our radios are also International Intrinsically Safe certified meaning that they are safe to use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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