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Discover Our Demo Station

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

A Glimpse into Your Organisation's Communication Future

In the age of advanced communication, understanding the intricate details of a product is pivotal before integrating it into one's operations. At Lazer, we recognise this necessity and have created the Lazer Demo Station.

Stepping into the World of Lazer:

The Lazer Demo Station is an immersive journey into the forefront of Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) communication technology. Here, visitors can interact with and understand our advanced PoC solutions, witnessing first-hand the blend of cutting-edge tech with user-specific customisation.

Introducing Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC)

PoC seamlessly combines the instant communication of a walkie-talkie with the broad coverage of cellular networks. Here are some standout features:

  • Wide Coverage: Harness the extensive reach of local cellular networks provided by Vodacom and MTN, ensuring you're always connected, or extend your footprint to anywhere in the world with foreign Sim cards.

  • Instant Group Calls: Communicate immediately with your entire team or select individuals at the push of a button, irrespective of geographical distances.

  • High-Quality Audio: Experience clear, crisp sound, minimising misunderstandings and ensuring efficient communication.

  • Secure Communication: PoC channels are encrypted, ensuring your organisational communication remains confidential and protected.

  • Integration with Radios: For those already using two-way radios, PoC can integrate smoothly, expanding your communication capabilities without overhauling your current system.

  • GPS Route: Utilise built-in GPS functionality to track and monitor the real-time movement and positioning of your team members, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

  • Task Management: Organise, assign, and monitor tasks directly through the PoC platform, streamlining operations and enhancing team productivity.

  • Lone Worker Protection: An essential safety feature that allows for monitoring of individuals working in isolated or potentially hazardous environments. If a worker fails to check-in, the system can automatically send an alert, ensuring rapid response and enhanced safety.

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Tailored for Your Needs

Recognising the diversity of our clientele, the Demo Station offers scenarios that replicate real-life situations encountered by frontline workers. Whether you're from the security industry, film production, events, or any other sector, you can witness how Lazer's solutions seamlessly fit into your specific organisational context.

Engage with the Experts

Our knowledgeable team is present to guide you through the nuances of each product, ensuring all your questions are answered. They can even simulate challenges your organisation might face and showcase how our products can offer solutions.

Visualise the Future

With a visit to the Lazer Demo Station, you're not just seeing a product; you're visualising the future of your organisation's communication landscape. Understand how our innovative solutions can bridge gaps, enhance operational efficiency, and set you miles ahead of the competition.

Booking Your Visit

The future of communication awaits, and Lazer is excited to be a part of your journey. Join us at the Lazer Demo Station and take the first step towards redefining your communication strategies. Let's create a more connected, efficient, and successful future, together.



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