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The Market Leader
in Two-Way Radio Communication

Frontline workforce communication doesn’t end with two-way radios.

Our Offerings

We provide a wide range of two-way radio products, rentals, and network access to our clients in a variety of industries. 


Short-Term / Event Rentals

We provide top-quality equipment for clear communication in the film and event industries. 


Two-Way Radios

We have the largest and most technologically advanced radios and equipment available in SA.

Feature-rich, radio-style communication over cellular networks for enhanced connectivity.


Tower Rentals

Lease space for antennas and equipment on our towers across the Cape Peninsula.


Repeater Access

Our own repeater network extends the range of our radios for better coverage.


Long-Term Rentals

Flexible contracts allow clients to rent equipment for the full duration of their projects. 


Service &
Technical Support

Our qualified technicians test and repair radio equipment on-site or at our fully equipped workshop.


Film, Events, Entertainment & Sports

Lazer Communications' adaptable technology provides seamless communication solutions designed specifically for the Film, Events, Entertainment, and Sports industries. Our platform ensures real-time connectivity, facilitating efficient coordination among event organisers, production teams, and security personnel. Lazer Communications empowers these sectors to elevate safety standards, optimise operations, and create memorable experiences, making it an invaluable tool for managing large-scale events and entertainment productions.


Trucking Dispatch and Drivers

Lazer Communications' innovative solutions empower the trucking dispatch and driver management sector, providing real-time communication tools. Our platform optimises communication between dispatchers and drivers, facilitating efficient route planning, real-time updates, and enhanced driver safety. Lazer Communications helps trucking companies boost productivity, trim expenses, and deliver top-notch service, making it the go-to choice for modernising trucking operations.


Lazer Communications' technology is the ideal solution for hospitality service personnel, enabling them to elevate guest satisfaction and streamline their operations. Our advanced communication solutions facilitate seamless coordination among hotel staff, ensuring swift responses to guest requests and efficient workflow management. With Lazer Communications, hospitality teams can provide exceptional service, enhance guest experiences, and optimise their daily operations.



Lazer Communications' technology is a game-changer for hospitals, revolutionising communication systems within healthcare facilities. Our advanced communication solutions empower healthcare professionals to maintain real-time connectivity, enabling swift responses to emergencies and seamless coordination among medical staff. Lazer Communications helps hospitals enhance patient care, optimise operational efficiency, and ensure reliable communication, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes.


Community Safety

Lazer Communications' advanced communication solutions are a valuable asset for Neighbourhood Watch apps. Our technology enables seamless sharing of real-time information among neighbours and local authorities, strengthening community surveillance and crime prevention efforts. By leveraging Lazer Communications, Neighbourhood Watch apps can empower residents to collaborate effectively, fostering a safer and more secure environment for their communities.



Lazer Communications recognises the specific communication needs of the construction industry. Our advanced communication solutions, designed to streamline construction site operations, empower construction teams with real-time connectivity, enhanced project coordination, and improved safety measures. By leveraging Lazer Communications, construction professionals can boost efficiency and achieve greater success in their projects.

Oil & Gas 

We offer robust, resilient, and reliable communication systems to support oil and gas clients with efficient day-to-day operations. The nature of the industry necessitates a strong safety culture to protect both the workforce and the environment, and to co-ordinate swift and effective responses to major incidents. Functions like improved audio for noisy areas, military-grade radio devices, Lone Worker Protection, Man Down and GPS Localisation make our products ideal for this industry. Our radios are also International Intrinsically Safe certified meaning that they are safe to use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Property Management

At Lazer Communications, we understand the significance of effective communication in property management. Our advanced communication solutions are tailored to empower property managers by facilitating seamless communication with tenants, maintenance teams, and vendors in real-time. By leveraging Lazer Communications, property management professionals can elevate tenant satisfaction, expedite maintenance responses, and streamline their daily operations, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and profitability of property management.


Our Clients

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Need our help on
a project?

We offer long-term and short-term rentals of radio equipment. 

Contact us and we’ll curate a tailor-made solution for whichever project or industry you’re in: from film to events, sports, security, armed response, and more. 

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